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Healthy dietary choices
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5 ways to get your 5 a day

It's easy to get your five a day if you make fruit and vegetables a part of your routine. Here are our tips to help you stick to the golden rule.

Eat a piece of fruit at breakfast

5 ways to get your 5 a day
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Chop up fresh fruit to add to your yoghurt or cereal, squeeze some fresh juice, make a smoothie or just munch on an apple. Fruit is a refreshing and delicious accompaniment to any breakfast and you can make it fun for all the family.

Eat some salad every day

Salad is nutritious and really filling thanks to its fibre content, so it can really help with weight control. Eating some leaves at the end of your meal helps digestion, too. You can mix up different varieties of leafy vegetables to keep it interesting: peppery roquette with crunchy romaine lettuce hearts, for example. Be creative with salads in summer too, adding in fruit and exotic vegetables to suit your mood.

Have soup for lunch

Having a soup-based meal or starter is a really easy way to eat veg. Soup might make you think of cold winter evenings, but you don’t just have to have traditional hearty soups. There are endless modern recipes you can make at home, bring to the office, or enjoy in restaurants. Experiment with different flavours, seasonal vegetables, and cold soups like gaspacho in the summer. 

Snack on fruit

A piece of fruit bursting with flavour makes a great energy-boosting afternoon snack. Fruit is much healthier than biscuits or chocolate when you need a pick-me-up.If you have children, make a piece of fruit in the afternoon a ritual. 

Enjoy fruity desserts

Finish off your evening meal with fruit. The most nutritious dessert is a piece of fruit or cooked fruit: fragrant oven-baked apples or a juicy compote to give your palate a refreshing burst of sweetness. Experiment with different flavours and textures. Try natural yoghurt with a fresh fruit coulis, or sprinkle yoghurt with chopped fresh fruit and a drizzle of honey. For special occasions, why not make simple, decadent fruity bites for afters? Simply cut some squares of filo pastry, top them with fruit and a square of rich dark chocolate. Close up the parcels and bake in the oven for 15 minutes.


Finally, why not try noting down all the fruit and veg you eat every day? This will help you hit your vitamin targets. You'll soon feel the difference it makes.

Posted 07.09.2012


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