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Gaining weight for health
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Tips to boost your appetite

Loss of appetite is a common problem following illness or while taking certain medications or undergoing various therapies. However, these are also the times when your body has most need of good nutrition, to help you regain your strength and boost your immune system.

Boost your appetite
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  • Choose different foods each week at the supermarket to add interest and variety to your diet.
  • Arrange to go out for lunch or dinner once a week and try new dishes.
  • Get together to eat with your family and friends.
  • Even if you do not feel very hungry, try to eat something at every mealtime.
  • In the summertime, eat outside in the garden, have a picnic, or eat by an open window.
  • Make your food look appetizing with different colours and textures on the plate, attractively presented.
  • Take time to arrange the table with your best cutlery, dishes, and place mats. Add flowers too.
  • Take a short walk in the fresh air before sitting down to a meal.
  • Eating with friends and family may help you regain your appetite after a debilitating illness. Sharing a meal remains a pleasant social experience.

Posted 30.06.2010


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